Welcome, friend!

... and I'm a foodie, a creative, & a total nerdy introvert...


...a lover of essential oils, travel, a good glass of Malbec 

& living life on MY terms:

with intention, joy, purpose & freedom.


I am also a mom to two AMAZING kids (Liam, age 8; Ava, age 6),

wife to the best guy I know (Jeff), and we are building

our life together in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. 




Books  |  Classic movies  |  My "Focus" Oil Rollerball  |  Dry red wine  |  Fall  |  Dark Chocolate  |  Tacos    Seafood  |  Ireland  |  Drooling over home decor  |  Being artsy-crafty  |  Travel  |  Kid giggles  |  Baking

Netflix binge-watching Outlander & The Office  |  Harry Potter  |  My super-random Spotify playlist    Roaring fires  |  Hiking  |  Game nights  |  Hanging at home with my family and friends  |  Thieves oil



Pineapple  |  Handling raw chicken  |  Bats  |  Crowds  |  Mom shaming  |  Animals that talk  |  Running

My name is Farrah...

So, how did I get here?


After YEARS of dealing with health issues, I became fed up and began to seek a way to start feeling like "the old me" again.  Working the 9-5 grind in corporate event management for over 13 years had also left me feeling like one stressed & distracted mama, and knew I needed to make a change.



Taking a leap of faith with zero experience & only a dream to guide me, I ditched

Corporate America in 2014 to start my first online business as a health & fitness coach, 

with the goal of seeking a healthier life & better balance for my family. 



I found so much purpose in helping moms just like me find their way back to a healthier lifestyle,

but I was still feeling frustrated with the primary role that chemicals & toxins played in our

lives, diets & homes.  I became convinced that there was a better, safer & healthier alternative. 



Destiny intervened at the PERFECT time, when a good friend reached out & introduced me

to Young Living essential oils.  I quickly fell in love with the products and the lifestyle,

after witnessing the incredible changes they created for myself, my family, friends & countless others.

There was no question about it - these little bottles of oils WORKED, and I knew they

were the key to changing my family's health & future.



I was so excited by what I was experiencing that I knew I had to shift gears with my business 

and join Young Living, making it my mission to share what I was learning and help

as many people as possible to live healthy & toxin-free...& change THEIR story, too.



You'll always hear me say it...living with intention takes work,

but the rewards are beyond what I ever could have imagined.

#toxinfree  #momboss  #healthyfamily



I can't wait to share more with you on how possible it is for you to live a healthy, toxin-free life, too!

Thank you for joining me on this journey, friend!


xoxo, Farrah