Hey, Friend! 

My name is Farrah, and I’m your girl for all things

healthy living (for REAL people), CRUSHING the PCOS life

('cause it's my battle, too), loving (& surviving) mamahood,

learning how to love yourself AND your flaws (yes, ma'am...scars, quirks, imperfections and all!), and creating a life that

supports YOUR dreams!

Growing up, I was always the "shy/introverted" type, NEVER what you'd call confident or outgoing.  I was also skinny as a rail, without ever having to work for it (yeah, annoying!)...but as I hit my late 20's, my body changed, as I started gaining weight for no reason - and I found out I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).  I had NO IDEA how to manage it...and my doctors didn't have a clue either.  This left me pretty much on my own to navigate my new "normal" as I entered my 30's, trying to figure out how to make fitness and nutrition a part of my life, battling low self-esteem & a body that no longer wanted to cooperate. 

At the same time, I was 13 years into my career as a corporate event planner...which had started as a passion, but soon left me stressed + burned out.  I began looking for options to better balance my family, goals, health and sanity...but I kept hitting a dead end.  


I was NOT living like the woman I had always dreamed of being...& I knew I needed a change. It was time to get my JOY back!


By pure chance, I learned about an opportunity to start my own business as a health + wellness coach. While I had zero experience and no idea how to run a business, I fell in LOVE with helping others, while also learning to take care of MY body the right way.  

Coaching soon led me on a journey towards purpose, passion & positivity - to say it has been life-changing is an understatement!


Since starting on this path towards living MY idea of a "perfect(ish) life", I’ve learned to cherish my health (both mind and body), have achieved both time & financial FREEDOM for myself and my family, I'm happier, more balanced & more confident than I have EVER been, and I've been blessed to empower other women to find their version of a happy + healthy dream life, too!

I am also a mom to two AMAZING kids (Liam, age 7; Ava, age 5),

wife to the best guy I know (Jeff), and we are building our life together in St. Paul, Minnesota! 




I'm a total introverted book & movie NERD.

#harrypotterismyjam  #outlanderlover  

#geekymama  #elizabethbennetismyhomegirl

I'm freaking obsessed with good FOOD.

And while most of it's healthy & fuels my body,

let's get real…I definitely love my red wine & pizza too!

(TRUTH: I can't STAND pineapple & olives. Keep them away!)

#foodie  #80/20rule

Being creative fills my cup!  I pretty much love it all...

crafting, drawing, writing, filmmaking, photography, whatever.


   I have a serious TRAVEL bug...my favorite trip so far was

to Ireland (because I'm basically a wannabe #IrishGirl),

but future travels will take me to places like Italy,

England, Scotland & Greece!

#globetrotter  #goalcrusher

    The most important thing to me in the entire world is  

my FAMILY...so the fact that I've been blessed to be

able to create a business that allows me the freedom

of time to always make them my priority is THE BEST.  

#momboss  #igettochoose

OK...enough about ME.  I want to learn more about YOU!

Send me a note, or let's connect on Instagram or Facebook!


So excited to link arms (or clink wine glasses!)

with you on YOUR journey, friend!

xoxo, Farrah

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