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Alright....time to cue

(inside & out)

& a lifelong change to

love yourself                !!

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Because I've been

there too, friend.

Look , I get it...


My mission, quite simply, is to EMPOWER YOU to fall in love with yourself + your new healthy life.  My PASSION is to help people feel good both physically and mentally, regardless of shape and size!

Loving the skin you're in is NOT an easy task.
( Am I right ? )


It means ignoring the "perfect body" misconceptions and weight loss products screaming at you every time you go into a store, watch TV, read a magazine, scroll around online, etc.

It means silencing that voice inside of your own mind, telling you that you're not ENOUGH, judging your reflection/size/weight so harshly...the way you assume others also judge you. 

It means accepting the things about yourself that you can't control (height, body frame, birthmarks, etc.), and turning them into a "plus" instead of a "minus".  #youareuniquelymade


It means being willing to work hard for changes that you CAN control, (nutrition, exercise, positive thinking), ditching labels like "skinny" or "fat" for some self-love and confidence.

And it means loving yourself where you're at, for every glorious quirk + imperfection, and at every step on your journey towards a healthy, balanced and "imperfect" happy life.

Easier said than done,  right ?







I know how it feels to look in the mirror and ONLY

see the flaws, not the beauty.  

How it feels to beat yourself up emotionally when the size of

your clothing (& the number on the scale) is bigger than ever.

To wonder what the heck happened to your life and your health (?!?).  

To ALWAYS put others first, never focusing on yourself & your well-being.


To feel OVERWHELMED, struggling without support, or having

the first clue of HOW to get back to the person you used to be.



I went from being thin in my 20s, to a PCOS diagnosis in my early 30s (hello, weight gain, fertility issues, bloating and skin breakouts!)....and after being fortunate enough to have two beautiful children, I also ended up with post-baby weight that refused to budge.  I lost myself for a while there...and believe me, the thoughts that ran through my head when I looked at my reflection were ANYTHING but kind.

"Ugh, I'm fat." 

"My tummy looks terrible in that outfit."

"Everyone notices that I've put on weight." 

"Nothing fits anymore, and I look disgusting."

"How the heck did I get HERE??"


Between motherhood, a crazy corporate job schedule & not even recognizing my body in the mirror anymore, I KNEW I needed a


And if it hadn't been for finally learning how to manage my nutrition (in a way  that was totally uncomplicated), to fit brief workouts into my already-busy schedule (hello home workouts, goodbye expensive gym membership!) and getting the love and support from an AMAZING community of women just like me....well, I might never have made it to where I am today.





I'll always be on my journey...but I've learned it's all about making PROGRESS, not perfection...and loving yourself every step of the way!






So...are you now wondering exactly HOW

you'll get to where                                                        want to be?


Don't worry, friend...I've got your back!










THE SHAPE OF ME isn't your typical fitness challenge. It's a 30-day, "love yourself from the inside out" journey that will address all of your struggle areas with care & grace:


Let's face it:  A healthy life has to include getting active. But fitness isn't "one size fits all"! Instead, it's all about choosing the RIGHT method for you, based on your lifestyle, abilities, needs & goals.

We'll work together to find the perfect program for you to get started, and adjust as needed on each step of your journey!


Eating right doesn't have to be time-consuming, expensive, boring or complicated!  It's all about learning the proper portions, the best foods to fuel your body and learning how to effectively make clean eating work for your busy life...

and I'll provide you with the tools and resources to get you there!



All of this "getting healthy" business won't work unless you get your mindset & self-love back on track too, friend!  A healthy life isn't just about a physical's about loving YOU, inside and out, no matter WHERE you're at on your journey.  We'll focus on tips & habits designed to help you find that confident, radiant & sexy YOU that has been ready and waiting to shine through!



Here is where I'm going to help you to make time for YOURSELF a focus again!  This doesn't mean hours per day (unless you have that time to spare!)...just about making small, intentional shifts in how you allocate your time so that you can "fill your cup"....which really serves to make you a better support to the people you care about, too!   #youcantpourfromanemptycup





Sound good so far? 

Here are the details!






The purpose of this 30-day challenge is to promote positive self-image, caring for yourself without the guilt, and creating sustainable healthy habits that you can implement into YOUR life...all within a private, supportive & uplifting, online community filled with people just like you!




    • Access for an ENTIRE YEAR to our online fitness platform with over $6,000 worth of workout programming, streaming on any Wifi device - so you can access it at home or on-the-go!  (think "Netflix for Fitness"!)

      • Individualized program selection - we will chat together to find the best fit for you to get started!


    • 30 meals of our nutrient-dense, all-natural, superfood-packed "meal on-the-go", that makes eating right with a busy schedule EASY! (BONUS: it actually TASTES good, too!)

    • A 21-Day delicious + clean eating (but uncomplicated!) meal plan


    • Daily support, motivation, valuable bonus content + tips in the group page focused on making your fitness, nutrition, body image and self-care work together

    • FREE e-planner, to help you track your daily efforts

    • My private online challenge support community for daily check-ins, motivation, tips & support...designed to help you stay on track, and connect with others just like you (who all know the struggle)!

    • Ongoing membership + access to group, as well as ALL future monthly challenges for FREE as a “SHAPE OF ME” graduate

    • Ongoing coach support on your journey (by yours truly!)






*Special ends April 30, 2017.  Regular price is $199. 


(NOTE: Space is limited to the first 10 who apply!)














Deadline to Apply: MAY 14, 2017