Here's what you'll get :



4 bottles

(or 2, depending on your membership level)

of PREMIUM boutique wines

(without the premium price tag!),

carefully packaged & hand-selected

by our team of wine experts, to

deliver exceptional product

straight to your door!

Simply choose RED, WHITE or

a MIX of both!



You'll receive a brief summary

on each of your enclosed wines, including information on the vineyard, 

easy-to-follow tasting notes

& pairing recommendations

to enhance your wine experience.


Everything you need to feel like a

savvy wine drinker, without info overload!


Now comes the BEST part...

uncorking & enjoying your 



Wine is a SOCIAL experience...

so we invite you to have fun

sharing with family & friends,

without the hassle & guesswork

at the liquor store!



2 Bottles of Premium Wine


(plus flat rate shipping, enrolled in monthly autoship)



4 Bottles of Premium Wine


(plus flat rate shipping, enrolled in

monthly autoship)

Plus - there are no contracts (you can literally cancel at any time,

but if you're anything like me, you won't want to!)...& if you are shipped

a bottle you don't love, a replacement bottle will be sent for FREE!

So...are you ready to get in, get wine & get social ? 

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