• Farrah


THIS BODY...has been through a lot.

It tumbled and twirled as a child, running free with scraped knees and skinny limbs.

It danced through my twenties with laughter, being "lucky" enough to still be thin without having to worry much about what went INTO it to keep it that way.

My thirties have been a different story. Infertility struggles luckily led to two beautiful babies, and I bear those stretch marks proudly. But a PCOS diagnosis meant my thin body would never come easily again, and I needed to be mindful every. single. day. of what went into my body. Not only because of how my body now processed what I ate, but because I now had little eyes watching and learning from my example.

My body has been through a multitude of biopsies (11 in total), of skin, uterine and breast, and I've been blessed to have been SAVED every. single. time. because God has been watching over me. But I now bear the reminders with scars large and small, a battlefield of worry turned into daily reminders that you can NEVER take life (or a healthy body) for granted.

My body is not the thin, svelte body of my younger years. There is "soft and round" where I wish there was only toned muscle, and ripples where I wish there were only clean lines. But I've learned how to eat right for my body, to make fitness a priority (even on the days when it is a struggle, which happens more often than I'd like to admit), to BE the example for others that anything is possible.

My body is NOT perfect. It would be easy to just see my stretch marks, my squishy parts & my many scars and wish for a smooth canvas. But my body tells my STORY, my life...it's a painting of who I am. And I am blessed to be able to show it, just as I am.


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