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Throwback to... ...being a VERY pregnant momma, expecting my second child (the lovely Ava-bug) to arrive any day. ...feeling excited/anxious/apprehensive about juggling TWO kiddos. ...and feeling that looming DREAD over having to return to my 9-5, hour-long commute, stressful and unfulfilling corporate job after just 12 short weeks (which was all I could afford to take off for my maternity leave). 😞 I didn't want to do it, friend. I had been through those feelings of sadness and feeling sick at heart when I had to return to work after having Liam. 💔 I knew what it felt like when you were forced to earn that paycheck, while your heart resided somewhere else. 💔 . I didn't know HOW I could do it again. But I did somehow. Because my family needed me to. . I knew it couldn't last. But I had NO idea of how to change my circumstances. . To be able to choose to be there for my kids, instead of always having to choose the paycheck (why did it have to be one or the other??). . So, I made a promise to myself: I would find a way to do it. To have a career that allowed me to choose how I spent my time. To be there for what mattered, and still be able to have something of my own. . My original goal was to achieve this before my kids started school...and I missed it. 💔 . Because it took me TOO LONG to make the leap. Because people kept whispering in my ear that it couldn't be done. Because I doubted myself. Because I was afraid to fail. . UNTIL SUDDENLY, I WASN'T.❤ . I found out about coaching and the opportunity to build a business of my own, working from home...and a spark was lit. And I worked my BUTT off to make this life a reality. 🙌🏻 . I walked away from a corporate job that brought me stress, not joy...and into a life where I could create my own hours, be present for everything that mattered and help others to find their path to their own goals and dreams. . And the fact that I missed my original deadline didn't detract from the realization that I really COULD choose my family first (to be there for activities, appointments, family dinners, helping out at school, etc.). And along the way, I also chose ME, and all of the hopes and dreams I never knew I had for myself. . I just wish that EVERY WOMAN knew that choosing YOU (and your priorities) could be this simple. ❤🙌🏻 . Are you choosing the life you want? Or do you wish things were different? . Don't let your life circumstances hold you back or be your excuses to HAVE + BE MORE, friend...because you absolutely have what you need inside of you to CHOOSE the life you want! All you need to do is start. ❤🙌🏻 .

(Pssst....Want to learn more about what I do as a work at home "mompreneur"? Let's connect, friend! 😘 )

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