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One of the first exposures I had to therapeutic essential oils was in the hospital with my Dad, just weeks after his Stage 4 cancer diagnosis. 💧 He had just gone through three critical, back-to-back surgeries in less than two days...the first to remove his tumor-encased kidney, and the next two to save his life as he inexplicably bled internally. What was supposed to be just a few days in the hospital turned into two weeks, and my sister, Mom and I sat with agonizing fear in the ICU during those long days and nights, praying Dad would come out of his anesthesia after the many post-surgical complications that followed. It was a dark, terrifying time. 😞 Looking back, I remember my aunt Dee as she pulled out her little bottles of oils, dropping Bergamot onto our wrists and telling us to breathe it in. Truthfully, I knew next to nothing about oils then...the uses, the benefits, why “100% pure” even mattered...but all I can tell you is when I took those deep breaths, my exhaustion abated & my anxiety calmed. I held my wrist to my nose and breathed in until it absorbed completely into my skin, and the effects continued long after. Years later, when I started down my own toxin-free path, Bergamot was one of the first oils I added to my starter kit collection. I think of my Dad whenever I smell it...and although the pain and grief still runs deep nearly two years after losing him, this breath of fresh air has helped me immensely to cope. To remember, and to be thankful for the bittersweet changes this terrible loss has inspired in my own life.

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