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When I first started on my “oily”/ #toxinfreein2018 journey, one of the first areas I wanted my family to focus on was what we were putting ON our bodies. It’s unbelievable how many chemicals exist in the skin care & cosmetic products we’ve used for years! (Scary truth: Most women apply 200+ chemicals to their bodies before BREAKFAST. 😳) But let’s get real - Trying to change everything all at once is overwhelming...so I knew I had to start SMALL, friends. 😘 This non-toxic, essential oil-packed face wash was one of the first products I tried, straight out of the bottle...and I LOVED it. It was free of soap, and made my skin feel amazing! 😍 Then, I found out about this money-saving hack.... and my penny-pinching self let out a squeal of joy. 🙌🏻 Here it is, toxin-free with ingredients you can feel good about....AND it comes down to just $.14 per use!! 😃 🍊🍊ORANGE BLOSSOM FOAMING FACE WASH 🍊🍊 * Add 2 TBSP. of YL Orange Blossom Botanical Face Wash to a foaming pump bottle; top with distilled water & shake before each use. * 1- 4oz. bottle of face wash = 4 bottles of foaming face wash! * 2 pumps is all you need for a clean + fresh face...so each foaming bottle will last at least a month (if not more)! 😍🙌🏻 What are some of YOUR fave safe skincare products? 😘

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